The key objective of this site is to publish the research undertaken thus far by various Grays into their respective family trees which have either originated in or passed through County Down.

My own line comes out of Gray's-hill, Bangor, County Down - this being the earliest place we can come across evidence of my direct line of ancestors.  We believe we may have been one of two or three families of Grays in Bangor town in the late 1700's and most likely arrived in County Down as part of the Ulster plantation by lowland Scots under the guidance of Montgomery & Hamilton between 1610 & 1690.

The earliest records from the Muster Roll of County Down in 1631 show 5 Grays, possibly all related, my objective is to try to find a pathway to one of these 5 and at the sametime help others do the same.

If you have any additional information on any of these Grays or if you have information on other Gray family trees from County Down, Armagh, Tyrone or Antrim please  contact me via email I would love to add your information to the bigger picture

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